Medieval Replica Short Sword XV by Wyvern Crafts

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This gorgeous Wyvern model XV short sword was molded from an original medieval steel sword. Part of the Replica Line, it's equipped with a replaceable Wyvern Safetyblade. The Basic Model is Classic or Authentic Line, with Steel crossguard, dark brown grip, and a steel blade finish. All of the choices will show in the drop-down menus, but if you choose the Basic Model, only the Line choice will be used. For the Custom Model, choose between Classic Line or Authentic line, your handle grip color, crossguard color, and the blade finish to make this your new favorite weapon!
Your choices:
  • Line: Classic or Authentic
  • Crossguard: Steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Iron
  • Handle Grip: Dark Brown, Light Brown, Reddish Brown, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Black
  • Blade Finish: Steel, Dark Steel, Damascus Steel, Weathered
    • Handle length with guard and knob: approx. 18.5cm 
    • Only handle surface: approx. 11.5cm 
    • Guard width: approx. 22.5cm Blade 
    • length: 70cm 
    • Weight: approx. 407g
          Your benefits at a glance:
          • Safe foam weapon especially made for LARP
          • High quality materials ensure a long service life
          • Latex-free
          • Safetyblade produced from one piece, no adhesions that can wear out.
          • Changeable, replaceable blade system
          • Convincing realistic appearance.

          Classic Line: This blade is made from a softer foam material and has thicker edges and a wider groove. Visually, it looks more like a conventional larp weapon.

          Authentic Line: This blade is made of a firmer foam material, has very slim "cutting" edges, and offers the most realistic overall look.

          The artists at the Wyvern Crafts workshop in Cologne, Germany, create their products with a great love for attention to detail. They use a high-quality plastic for the handle which replicates a real sword down to the smallest feature, and paint it by hand to create an even more realistic look. The material is so robust that even thinner crossguards are very durable. The weapons are comfortable to wield and feel almost like a real sword.

          The Wyvern Safetyblade was developed together with IDV especially for LARP. It's formed from a single piece of foam around a break-resistant fibreglass rod. The Material testing institute at the University of Stuttgart (MPA), Germany, confirmed in a ground-breaking report that the Safetyblades are superior to a comparable conventional blade in regards to cushioning effect, tear resistance, and wear resistance. And there's no beating their convincingly real appearance!

          The Safetyblades can also be removed and inexpensively replaced from the handle, if needed due to excessive wear and tear. These swords are designed to last a LARP lifetime!

          Because all Wyvern products are hand-crafted to order in Germany, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 



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