Leather Samurai Armor

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The samurai of ancient Japan were no strangers to wearing armor. This Leather Samurai Armor is a recreation of the traditional great armor in leather so that modern-day warriors can enjoy the same protection that these legendary warriors once wore. The armor is crafted entirely in fine leather that recreates the iconic look of the O-yoroi, or Great Armor, by layering leather plates in a highly protective and highly stylized fashion. It consists of a layered chest piece that comes with attached shoulder plates and a matched tasset belt for waistline protection. For layered protection that not only keeps you safe but recreates the iconic look of the legendary Japanese Samurai, nothing comes close to the look and form of this Leather Samurai Armor! 

Key Features:

  • Quality Leather Armor
  • Crafted entirely from fine 7/8 oz. leather
  • Inspired by the armor of the Japanese Samurai
  • Includes a chest piece, shoulder protectors, and tasset
  • Secured via cord ties
  • Perfect as fair wear and LARP armour
  • Great for history buffs and oriental inspired warriors

  • Sizing:
  • Medium/Large: Fits a 36 to 38 inch chest. Measures 24 inches top to bottom

    Great for: LARP (Live Action Role Playing), Cosplay, Renaissance Faires, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), Dungeons and Dragons, Medieval Themed Events, and any other costumed reenactments. 




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