Jin-Baori Samurai Vest

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The Jin-Baori is an Asian inspired battle overcoat. It comes down to the thighs and is trimmed in gold down the front, on the edge of the sleeves and along the bottom hem. The back of our Jin-Baori features two slits, and is also trimmed with gold fabric. These slits allow for excellent mobility. There are eyelets, or openings in the fabric, on both the front and back of the vest which allows you to attach your shoulder armour to your body armour through the garment, for a authentic battle look. So you can have on your Asain body armour, put on the Jin-Baori and then attach your shoulder armour, this way the vest will not be on top of your shoulder armour. The Jin-Baori can be worn by Men or Women. Whether you pair it with a Kimono and Asian style pants or wear it over a dress, it will be the focal point of your outfit. 

Key Features:

  • Asian inspired Samurai Vest
  • Can be worn by Men or Women
  • Looks great paired with a Kimono and Asain Pants
  • Features eyelets for attaching shoulder armour

  • Sizing:
  • Medium: Chest - n/a, Length - n/a
  • Large: Chest - n/a, Length - n/a
  • X-Large: Chest - n/a, Length - n/a


    • Medium: Fits a 32 Inch Chest, with a 35 Inch Length
    • Large: Fits a 38 Inch Chest, with a 40 Inch Length
    • X-Large: Fits a 44 Inch Chest, with a 45 Inch Length
    Great for: LARP (Live Action Role Playing), Cosplay, Renaissance Faires, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), Dungeons and Dragons, Medieval Themed Events, and any other costumed reenactments. 



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