LARP Dagger Holder

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If you want to take your trusted dagger with you on your adventures, the LARP Dagger Holder is a classic way to carry it! This leather dagger frog has a traditional loop structure that can be worn on either the right or left side. Suitable for almost any character from fantasy or history inspiration, this leather dagger holder has softer split-leather on the insides of both loops to help protect your belt and LARP weapon. Easy to wear and incredibly versatile, this leather LARP frog should be a staple in any adventurers set of equipment.

Key Features:

  • Effortless way to carry a LARP dagger
  • Has a traditional loop structure
  • Can be worn on both right and left sides
  • Easy to wear on most belts and other straps


  • Made of chrome tanned leather


  • Height: 5.12 Inches
  • Width: 1.97 Inches
  • Belt Loop: 2.76 Inches

This item is handmade, so its exact measurements may vary slightly.


Great for: LARP (Live Action Role Playing), Cosplay, Renaissance Faires, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), Dungeons and Dragons, Medieval Themed Events, and any other costumed reenactments. 



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