Healer Bone Saw by Wyvern Crafts

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For more blood, dirt, and tears in your healer and wounded cosplay, we recommend the bone saw, the healer's most essential tool. Manufactured from a flexible high-performance plastic, the handle is easy to hold and the saw blade bends safely to the side under load. Save time & money, purchase the entire Healer's Kit!

  • Length: approx. 32cm
  • Width of the sheet: 4cm

The artists at the Wyvern Crafts workshop in Cologne, Germany, create their products with a great love for attention to detail. They use a high-quality plastic which replicates a real saw down to the smallest feature, and paint it by hand to create an even more realistic look. The material is so robust that even thinner pieces are very durable. The tools are comfortable to wield and feel almost real.

Because all Wyvern products are hand-crafted to order in Germany, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.




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