Medieval Cutlery Set with Bag

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Whether you are at your local Ren Fair eating turkey legs or having a cookout with friends at a reenactment, this cutlery set is the perfect take along to any Medieval or Renaissance feast. The set consists of a spoon, fork and a knife. The handles feature decorative twists and curl at the end. The included brown leather holder will safely store your cutlery for you when you are finished eating. The pouch features loops on the back, so they can easily be worn with a belt, sash, or similar accessory. We recommend you wash each piece before using. Since these are made from steel, if they are not oiled they will rust, so we recommend coating these lightly with olive oil or vegetable oil.

Key Features:

  • Includes a brown leather case with belt loops
  • Great for period re-enactments and feasts
  • Includes a fork, spoon and knife
Great for: LARP (Live Action Role Playing), Cosplay, Renaissance Faires, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms), Dungeons and Dragons, Medieval Themed Events, and any other costumed reenactments. 



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