About Us

Welcome! I play Molly the traveling merchant at several different LARPs. I vend entirely in person, at both LARPs and conventions, and I offer fantastic discounts for larpers.

If you want something, and can pick it up from either my house or at an event, please email me to pre-order it. I carry larp safe* weapons, accessories, garb, and costume jewelry, from many brands including Epic Armory, Wyvern Crafts, Atelier Nemesis, Mytholon, House of Warfare & Calimacil. Accessories include such items as bracers, journals, thieves' tools, healer kits & plague masks, weapon holders, belts, drinking horns and bottles, helmets, treasure boxes, potion bottles & holders, wands, feather pens & styluses, & throwing rocks, bread, chef tools, & skulls.

Can't find something? Feel free to contact me at any time, I can probably find it for you. Can't get to me in person and REALLY want to order online & pay shipping? Please visit my vending partner's site through the tab link above.

*Please verify with the LARP that you play in that the weapon you wish to purchase is allowed in their game. Not all games allow all weapons.

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